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Tradeo is a growing social trading start-up, built to facilitate the connection between Forex and stock traders from around the world. Our platform removes the loneliness and complexity of legacy trading environments and introduces the possibility to collaborate, discuss ideas and automatically copy other successful traders. Yes, this means you could have someone trade for you. Literally!

At Tradeo we don't believe in maintaining a corporate environment. Here you won't get lost in unnecessary process steps and won't get frustrated by bureaucracy. We find this way too dreadful, and prefer to keep it casual. This is why we take decisions and resolve disputes over beers. In fact, if you're considering working for us, we'd love to actually have a beer with you and convince you why it's worth it.

Besides having fun, we're also looking for amazing new talent to fuel our growth.

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Current openings

System Administrator
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
WordPress Developer
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
Support Manager
  • Sofia, Bulgaria